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The Company is registered in Guernsey and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). It is in the business of producing Platinum Group Metals (PGM’s) and is a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading producers of PGM’s, the South African based, Implats which contributes about 25% of global platinum output.

The company’s wholly owned operating subsidiary, Zimbabwe Platinum Mines (Private ) limited which has been in operation for  fifteen years , is a significant producer of PGM’s with ore bodies located on the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe. The company has a resources base of 223.6M oz.4E.

The operating subsidiary operates four underground mines and one open pit mine which supply ore to three concentrator modules (two at Ngezi and the third one at Selous). Three of the four underground mines are operating at full production while the fourth one is currently under re-development. Feasibility studies for a placement mine have recently been completed to facilitate project consideration by the Board.

 Production from the mining operations is processed by the three concentrators and then further refined at Selous where the smelter is located.  The company has a workforce of 5444 people including contractors.

Ore production in FY16 was 6.6 million tonnes (Mt) (2015: 5.2 Mt). Converter matte sold during the period to the operating company’s sole customer, Impala Refining Services Limited, amounted to 582 833 4E oz. (2015: 381 849 4E oz.).

Platinum Group Metals are vital components in auto catalytic converters and play a significant role in reducing air pollution by limiting the discharge of carbon monoxide and other emissions in both gasoline and diesel engines.

PMG’s are recyclable thereby ensuring not only a reduction in waste but also sustainability of supply. Their excellent resistance to corrosion and high melting points makes them ideal metals for a variety of industrial uses. PGM’s are also used in fuel cell development. Fuel cells are able to reduce air pollution considerably whilst curtailing demand for fossil fuels.

  • Zimplats is a company incorporated in Guernsey, British Isles, registration number is 34014. As such, the main laws controlling the corporate operations of the company are the laws of Guernsey.
  • Zimplats is registered as a foreign company in Australia, number ARBN 083 463 058, and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with the code ZIM.
  • Zimplats shares are freely transferable, subject to formal requirements and the registration of a transfer which does not result in a contravention of, or failure to observe, a provision of law.
  • Zimplats is not subject to Chapter 6 of the Australian Corporations Law dealing with the acquisition of shares, including substantial shareholdings and takeovers.

Zimplats is not subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers and the Rules Governing Substantial Acquisitions of Shares (UK) (the "Code").